Me with my oldest two girls, M (left) and E (right). Image captured by the fabulous Bethany of Photography by Bethany.

I’m Kalie. I’m a wife, mom of four (one transplant kiddo, two healthy goofs, and one saint), homeschooling parent, and librarian. I became a transplant mom in November 2016 when my then-16-month-old daughter received a life-saving kidney transplant from her aunt. Transplant Mom was born from a desire to share the things I do and problems I encounter in my daily life as the mom of a transplant recipient. I started my homeschool in 2020, so share my adventures, lessons learned, and ideas that work for my students and me from time to time. The librarian in me hopes to connect with others through the information we provide here. 🙂

Me with three of my four kids – E, M, and M2.
Photo again by Bethany of Photography by Bethany.